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March 14, 2019 City Council Regular Meeting
22. Motion to Award Contract for Gangway Platform Installation Services to Myrick Marine Contracting Corp. (Event No. 6709)
Strategic Priority

Recommend approval to award a contract for gangway platform installation services to Myrick Marine Contracting, Corp. in the amount of $272,766.00. The services will be used by the Office of Capital Projects Management to install a new gangway platform for the recreational and fire dock at Rousakis Plaza.

In November 2016, the platform connecting the recreational dock to Rousakis Plaza collapsed. This project will install a new platform to the bulkhead at the same location. The dock will be connected to the platform by the original gangways. Minor repair work of the gangways is included in this project.  In addition, there will be additional work done to the docks. This includes running new water and electrical lines to the shore power stations, replacing pile guides, replacing walers, installing new tie-rods, and making spall repairs. This project will make the dock functional again as there is no current access from the dock to the Riverwalk.

An 18% DBE goal was established for this project.  The recommended bidder was deemed compliant with this goal by the Office of Business Opportunity



Cristy Lawrence, Director of the Office of Capital Projects Management
Financial Impact
$472,766 expenditure from the Capital Improvement Fund (via the Parking Services Fund)
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Gangway Purchasing Summary.pdf
Exhibit 2: Gangway Bid Tab.pdf
Exhibit 3: Gangway Plans S-6.pdf
Exhibit 4: Gangway Plans S-5.pdf
Exhibit 5: Gangway Plans S-3.pdf
Exhibit 6: Gangway Funding Verification.pdf
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