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June 10, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
25. Authorize the City Manager to Approve a Five-Year Lease Extension with City Market Partners Limited Partnership, for Property Located at 219 W. Bryan Street for Use by the Savannah Police Department as a Mini-Precinct. No Rental Cost is Included in the Agreement for Use of the Space.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The City leases space from City Market Partners Limited Partnership (Property Owner) for use by the Savannah Police Department (SPD) as a mini-precinct. The property is located at 219 W. Bryan Street. The City and the Property Owner have negotiated an extension that provides for a new five (5) year term for the mini-precinct. There is no rent cost for use of this space, though either party may terminate the lease upon a 60-day notice. The SPD is seeking to increase its presence at the location due to anticipated increased public activity after the pandemic.

Approval of a lease at City Market for five years at no rental cost, and authorization for the City Manager to execute the Lease Agreement for the SPD mini-precinct located at 219 W. Bryan Street.




David Keating, Senior Director of Real Estate Services
Financial Impact
No Cost to the City
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Map - 219 W. Bryan Street.pdf
Exhibit 2: Fourth Lease Amendment.pdf
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