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July 27, 2023 City Council Regular Meeting
27. Authorize the City Manager to Execute a Contract for Repair Services of Industrial & Domestic Water Treatment Plant Well No.12 with Woodrow Sapp Well Drilling in an Amount Not to Exceed $58,028. The I&D Plant utilized the repair services for unforeseen issues that were noted as the well was pulled for preventive maintenance. (Public Works & Water Resources)
Strategic Priority

This contract is for the procurement of repair services for I&D Water Treatment Plant well No.12 from Woodrow Sapp Well Drilling in an amount not to exceed $58,028. The I&D Water Treatment Plant utilized the services for unforeseen issues noted as the well was pulled for preventive maintenance. This action ensures redundancy and reliability in the groundwater system for the continuation of providing safe drinking water to the City of Savannah Citizens, fire protection, and development. Woodrow Sapp was used between the award of a new contract. Terms: Net 30 days. Delivery: As requested.

The vendor:
Woodrow Sapp Well Drilling (Brunswick, GA)
(D)  $58,028

(D) Indicates non-local, non-DBE-business.



Bryan Shaw, Director, Water Supply and Treatment Division
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $58,028 from the Capital Improvement Projects Fund
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Funding Verification - Well #12 Repairs.pdf
Exhibit 2: Purchasing Notes - Well #12 Repairs.pdf
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