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July 23, 2020 City Council Meeting
28. Approval to Declare Surplus and Available for Sale City-Owned Real Property Located at 1700 Drayton Street (PIN 20053 38013), 104 E 34th Street (PIN 20053 38007), and 1705 Abercorn St. (PIN 20053 38003)
Strategic Priority
Neighborhood Revitalization

On May 2, 2020, the City-owned building located on a 0.4 acre site at 1700 Drayton Street (PIN 20053 38013) sustained a fire that required the building be demolished. The Code Compliance Department formerly occupied the property. Two other nearby properties were used for parking; a 0.30 acre property (PIN 20053 38007) and a 0.04 acre property (PIN 20053 38003). The parcels are located in a prime redevelopment area of the vibrant Thomas Square neighborhood/Starland District area. The Code Compliance Department has been temporarily relocated to the Civic Center while a replacement City facility is being renovated at 2155 Gwinnett Street. Insurance proceeds alone will not be sufficient to fund the renovation costs of the replacement facility. Therefore, staff requests these City-owned parcels be declared surplus and available for sale to fund renovations of the replacement facility.

If approved, staff will prepare and issue a request for proposals (RFP) soliciting a buyer for the property. Proposals will be evaluated by an interdisciplinary committee of staff, and a recommendation of the highest responsible bidder will be made to City Council for consideration of award. The criteria to be evaluated in the RFP includes price, qualifications of the buyer/developer, the type of project proposed, and the number and scope of affordable housing units to be provided.



David Keating, Senior Director of Real Estate Services
Financial Impact
Property Proceeds to benefit General Fund
Review Comments

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