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July 23, 2020 City Council Meeting
27. Approval to Adopt the Chatham County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)
Strategic Priority
Public Safety

Recommend adoption of the Chatham County Emergency Operations Plan.

In accordance with State and Federal guidelines, CEMA is responsible for the preparation of the County Emergency Operations Plan based on the principle that local authorities bear the initial responsibility for emergency preparedness and disaster relief. Each level of government accomplishes the functions for which it is responsible, requesting assistance from the next higher level of government only after resources at the requesting level have been expended or are clearly inadequate to cope with the effects of the emergency or disaster.

The County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) establishes a framework for emergency management planning and response to: prevent emergency situations; reduce vulnerability during disasters; establish capabilities to protect residents from effects of crisis; respond effectively and efficiently to actual emergencies; and provide for rapid recovery from any emergency or disaster affecting the local jurisdiction and Chatham County.

The EOP, using the National Incident Management System (NIMS), is an all-hazards plan that provides the structure and mechanisms for policy and operational coordination for incident management. Consistent with the model provided in the NIMS, the EOP can be partially or fully implemented in the context of a threat, anticipation of a significant event, or the response to a significant event.

This item assists in accomplishing the City’s goal of Public Safety and adds value to the residents feeling safe in their neighborhoods by providing the mechanisms for the City to obtain additional resources in disasters that may surpass the City’s capacity to respond to.

The bigger story is that Savannah has been building its Emergency Preparedness program over the last several years and this in turn, improves service provision to the public by developing its own plan as directed by County Code §4-307.

There are no costs associated with adopting the plan outside of any mutual aid resources the City may request during an incident.

The unintended consequences are the possibility of obligating City resources beyond the scope of their missions.

One alternative is to not adopt the County’s Emergency Operations Plan. However, that would severe the conduit for the City to be able to get assistance in time of disaster.



David Donnelly, Emergency Management Director
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