July 20, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Electronic Bill Payment Services with Paymentus (Event No. 3551)

Recommend approval to renew an annual contract for electronic bill payment services with Paymentus. There is no cost to the City for these services.

These services are currently being used to collect utility billing payments online. This renewal will expand this engagement to collect property tax payments online as well. 

Currently, Property Tax payments are collected online using another payment services provider and is limited to e-checks only.  Using Paymentus to provide these services will allow for online payments for property tax to be made using credit card, debit card or e-check.   Payments made by credit card or debit card will have an associated convenience  fee that will be charged to the customer; payments made by e-check will not have an associated convenience fee.

Convenience fees are defined by rules established by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and by the volume of payments anticipated to be processed.

Convenience fees for property tax payments will be 2.45% per transaction. There is a $15,000 maximum payment amount per transaction.

Convenience fees for utility bill payments will continue to be $3.50 per transaction. There is a $300 maximum payment amount per transaction.

No convenience fee is charged for property tax payments or utility bill payments made by e-check.




Cam Mathis, IT Director
Financial Impact
No cost to the City
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