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July 2, 2019 City Council Regular Meeting
14. Motion to Approve the Purchase of Right-of-Way and Easement at 1025 West Gwinnett Street (PIN: 2-0046- 08-02).
Strategic Priority

Requesting approval to accept the donation of right-of-way and easement property located at 1025 West Gwinnett Street (PIN 2-0046 -08-02) necessary to facilitate the West Gwinnett Street Road Widening Project in association with the Arena Development. This property is currently owned by Tomas Paxton and is located at the southwest corner of I-16 and West Gwinnett Street. The property is currently under contract for sale from Mr. Paxton to a buyer/ developer. Collectively, the owner and buyer/developer are referenced herein as the Donor. An agreement has been reached between the City and Donor whereby the required right-of-way and easement lands will be donated to the City. As consideration, the City has agreed to add a median-cut turn lane from Gwinnett Street to the property, install streetscaping, and assist the Donor in clearing-up some title issues stemming from prior City use of portions of the property. Donor has also agreed to remove existing underground storage tanks on the required right-of-way and perform environmental remediation. If Donor fails to perform said remediation in a timely manner per the donation agreement, then the City can perform these tasks and record a security deed to recover associated costs up to $500,000. Also request authorization for the City Manager to execute an agreement governing the donation and associated closing documents.



David Keating, Director of Real Estate Services
Financial Impact
West Gwinnett Street Widening Fund, Account 311.9207.52842.TE0709.
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