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January 4, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Amend Part 7-1009(a), Appendix I, Sec. 201, of the Code of Ordinances to Allow for Enforcement of New Traffic Signals

In an effort to improve safety and to address increased traffic volumes in areas of new development, Traffic Engineering has installed new stop and go signals to control all traffic at several intersections. In order to provide for enforcement of the new traffic signals, it is necessary to place these new locations in Section 201 of the Code Appendix. The locations are:

  • The intersections of Jimmy DeLoach Parkway with northbound Interstate 95, southbound Interstate 95, and Highlands Boulevard have been signalized due to the high traffic volumes incurred from new development in the area and the recently completed Jimmy DeLoach Parkway connector.
  • Signalization of the intersection of Turner and Boundary streets is necessary to enhance the safe travel of pedestrians transiting between Westin-Dyson student housing complex and the SCAD Bee Line Bus Transfer.
  • As part of the President Street Project, a new signal has been installed at General McIntosh Boulevard and Randolph/East Congress Street. This signal will provide for traffic control at the western entrance to the Savannah River Landing development.


Amend the Code of the City of Savannah GA, Part 7-1009(a), Appendix I, Section 201, Traffic control signals at the following intersections.


Interstate 95 NB and Jimmy DeLoach Parkway

Interstate 95 SB and Jimmy DeLoach Parkway

Highlands Boulevard and Jimmy DeLoach Parkway

Turner Street and Boundary Street

General McIntosh Boulevard and Randolph/Congress Street



Traffic Engineering Director Michael J. Weiner, P.E.
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