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January 3, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
29. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Large Water Meters to Badger Meter, Inc., Consolidated Pipe and Supply, Inc., and Mueller Systems, LLC (Event No. 6583)
Strategic Priority
Good Government

This annual contract authorizes the purchase of large water meters from Badger Meter, Inc. in the estimated amount of $117,102.00; Consolidated Pipe and Supply Inc. in the estimated amount of $237,872.00; and Mueller Systems, LLC. in the estimated amount of $36,380.00; for an estimated contract total of $391,354.00.

Council has adopted a strategic priority that encourages efficient government operations.  The specifications for this large water meter project were prepared to address concerns brought up in the 2017 KPMG City of Savannah Utility Billing and Collection Assessment Report.  Currently the City operates 5,700 large water meters to serve the needs of business, industry, and institutional customers. The large water meters will be used by Water Resources to install new large water meters in need of replacement, and also to replace/ retrofit existing meters to Badger Orion/Beacon radio read water meters for the transition to the new advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system.  This action expands our radio read and advanced meter infrastructure to over 34% of the City water service area. 

Automating this function of government will both assure that City customers have accurate water meter readings, and move the City closer to its goal of building a customer portal tool that will ultimately help customers and the City effectively manage water resources.  From an organizational viewpoint, this contract also helps streamline the billing process, and allows engineers the ability to better manage the maintenance needs of the system.

The lowest responsive, responsible bidders were selected for each line item. The apparent low bidder was not selected for the meter register line item because the proposed register did not meet the specifications in section 4.5.5. The apparent low bidder for the line items for the 10-inch domestic meters and the ULFM meters were not selected because they did not meet the specifications in section 4.2.2.

The DBE goal for this event was waived due to the absence of subcontracting opportunity.

The contract term shall be January 3, 2019 through December 31, 2019.



Heath Lloyd, Chief Infrastructure and Development Officer
Financial Impact
Expenditure in the estimated amount of $391,354.00 from the Water and Sewer Fund
Review Comments
Large Water Meter Funding Verification.pdf
Large Water Meter Scope.pdf
Large Water Meter Bid Tab.pdf
Large Water Meter Purchasing Summary.pdf
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