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January 26, 2023 City Council Regular Meeting
6. Approval of a Class D (Liquor, Beer, Wine) (By the Package) Alcohol License to Atlulkumar Patel for Waters Liquor, a Package Shop at 5817 Waters Avenue between East 71st and East 72nd Streets in Aldermanic District 4.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Atulkumar Patel for Pritam Beverages, LLC t/a Waters Liquor is requesting a Class D (Liquor, Beer, Wine) (By the Package) Alcohol License at 5817 Waters Avenue. The establishment is located between East 71st Street and East 72nd Street in Aldermanic District 4. The applicant plans to operate a package store. (New Owner/New Location)


  • This establishment is a package store.
  • This is for a new owner/new location.
  • Distance measurement met to nearest School and Alcohol Treatment Center.
  • There is no active Neighborhood Association within the area.
  • There are no concerns noted by the Code Compliance Department.


Judee Jones, Revenue, Manager
Financial Impact
Revenue of $6,230 in Alcohol License Fees
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Checklist - Waters Liquor.pdf
Exhibit 2: Density Map - Waters Liquor.pdf
Exhibit 3: Alcohol Reports - Waters Liquor.pdf
Exhibit 4: Measurement Report - Waters Liquor.pdf
Exhibit 5: Security Plan - Waters Liquor.pdf
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