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January 17, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
28. Motion to Procure Miscellaneous Waterline Replacement Services from BRW Construction Group, LLC (Event No. 6708)
Strategic Priority

Recommend approval to procure miscellaneous waterline replacement services from BRW Construction Group, LLC in the amount of $1,365,070.00. These services will be used by the Water and Sewer Planning and Engineering Department to perform waterline replacement services. Services include:

  • Installation of approximately 1,780 linear feet of 12-inch water main on the north side of Victory Drive between Truman parkway and Skidaway Road using direct-bury and trenchless methods
  • Installation of approximately 200 linear feet of 8-inch water main and 200 linear feet of 6-inch water main to tie into the existing water system south of Victory Drive using trenchless methods
  • Connections to eight businesses, three new fire hydrants, and associated valves and fittings

The work shall be completed while existing water lines remain in service.  When completed, the aged six-inch waterline serving these businesses will be abandoned.

An 18% DBE goal was established for this project.  The recommended bidder submitted DBE participation in the total amount of 18% using Frankie Thompson Enterprise, LLC (C) in the amount of 5% and D and C Directional Boring (C) in the amount of 13%.



Heath Lloyd, Chief Infrastructure and Development Officer
Financial Impact
$1,365,070.00 expenditure from the Water and Sewer Fund
Review Comments
6708 Misc. Waterline Replacement Funding Ver.pdf
Misc Waterlines Bid Tab.pdf
160829 - RFP Exhibit 4.pdf
Misc Waterlines Purchasing Summary.pdf
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