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January 14, 2021 City Council Meeting
36. Approval of a Five-Year Planned Service Agreement for Airport Police Technology Equipment with Axon Enterprise, Inc. in the Amount of $190,455.72
Strategic Priority
Good Government

 Axon Enterprise, Inc. will provide 5 In-Car Cameras and 25 Body Cameras with Tasers.  All equipment will include subscription services for the Airport’s Police Department to ensure assistance and support for officers handling traffic and criminal cases, citizen complaints, liabilities of officers from collisions, excessive force claims and several other high-liability situations.  This is a 5-year agreement that includes a 5-year warranty for all equipment. This is a sole source item because additional equipment is being added to an existing contract.


Year                  Total Annual Amount         Payment Frequency

Year 1                     $30,991.44                              Annually

Year 2                     $39,866.07                              Annually

Year 3                     $39,866.07                              Annually

Year 4                     $39,866.07                              Annually

Year 5                     $39,866.07                              Annually


Recommend Approval

Mr. Dawoud Stevenson, Director of Program Management
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $190,455.72 from Savannah Airport Commission Funds
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Agreement - Axon Enterprises Inc.pdf
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