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February 28, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
23. Motion to Approve Modifications to the Quadricycle Ordinance, Article F: Bicycle, Moped and Skateboards
Strategic Priority
Good Government

This item is being withdrawn by staff.

In May 2018, the Tourism Advisory Committee (TAC) reintroduced a proposal to modify the permitted boundaries for quadricycle operations in the downtown area. These boundaries are specified in Article F: Bicycles, Mopeds and Skateboards, and are distinguished by commercial and charter boundaries. In consultation with the TAC and City staff, the Office of Special Events, Film & Tourism is proposing the following revisions to Article F:

  • Eliminating the distinction between commercial and charter boundaries.

  • Moving the eastern boundary to Abercorn Street, the southern boundary to Charlton Street, and the western boundary to Jefferson Street (except at Franklin Square where access will be given to Montgomery Street), while maintaining the northern boundary at Bryan Street.

  • Permitting access to Williamson Street and Indian Street exclusively at the signalized traffic lights at Jefferson Street and Montgomery Street.

The proposed revisions will codify access to Williamson Street already permitted under an extended pilot program initiated by the former Tourism and Ambassadorship Department in 2016. Moving the eastern boundary will also reduce resident complaints concerning noise and congestion, as quadricycles would no longer be permitted access to eastern residential areas. A more thorough evaluation of the rules and regulations governing quadricycles will be initiated by the Office of Special Events, Film & Tourism during the larger Tour Service for Hire Ordinance revision planned for 2019.



Susan W. Broker, Director of Special Events, Film, & Tourism
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Exhibit 1: Memorandum to City Manager - Quadricycle Boundary Changes.pdf
Exhibit 2: Map - Article F Quadricycles.pdf
Exhibit 3: Revised Ordinance - Article F Quadricycles.pdf
Exhibit 4: Article F - Bicycles, Mopeds and Skateboards Redlined Ordinance.pdf
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