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February 25, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
35. Approval to Amend the Zoning Ordinance for the East Broad Market Lofts Planned Development (PD) (PIN: 20075 05011) to Permit Micro-Distilleries as a Permitted Use. Petition of Harry Smith (Agent) for GIKI, LLC (Owner). File No. 20-005948
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Harry Smith (Agent) on behalf of GIKI LLC (Owner) is requesting to amend the East Broad Market Lofts Planned Development (PD) to allow a micro-distillery as a permitted use. The East Broad Market Lofts PD consists of parcels comprising approximately 1.60 acres located on East Broad Street, E. 38th Street and E. 39th Street. The subject site (PIN 20075 05011) on the southwest corner of East Broad Street and E. 39th Street was remodeled last year and reopened as a restaurant and craft brewery called Hop Atomica.

In 2010, Mayor and Aldermen rezoned the subject site from B-N (Neighborhood Business) and R-4 (Four-Family Residential) to the East Broad Market Lofts PUD. The East Broad Market Lofts PD establishes two use districts—MF (Multi-Family Residential) and MU (Mixed-Use) according to the East Broad Market Lofts Master Plan. An amendment to permit microbreweries in the PD subject to approval by the Zoning Board of Appeals was adopted in 2019.

If the amendment is approved, the micro-distillery use would be permitted to distill spirits not to exceed 10,000 gallons per year which is consistent with the State’s definition. In addition, the production of spirits would have to take place on site, primarily with existing equipment. All other associated activities including storage will be required to take place indoors. The applicant would also be required to file for City and State alcohol beverage licenses.

The proposed amendment would not change the general purpose or intent of the PD. The existing language already permits restaurants with alcohol sales and microbreweries. The inclusion of micro-distillery as a permitted use is not likely to significantly alter the intent of the PD or the use of the property.


On January 12, 2021, the Planning Commission recommended approval of the amending the East Broad Market Lofts Planned Development to permit micro-distillery as a permitted use.


Bridget Lidy, Senior Director, Planning and Urban Design
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Exhibit 1: Recommendation Package - East Broad Market Lofts.pdf
Exhibit 2: Draft Ordinance - East Broard Market Lofts.pdf
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