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February 24, 2022 City Council Regular Meeting
21. Approval of a Resolution to Launch the Citywide Vision Zero Initiative with the Aim of Zero Fatalities and Serious Injuries within our Transportation System by the Year 2027.
Strategic Priority
Public Safety

The City of Savannah commits itself to develop a Vision Zero action plan within 12 months of the adoption of this resolution by inviting partnerships with communities, institutional partners, businesses, non-profit and community-based organizations, and residents, as well as collaborating with surrounding communities in achieving this goal. This body also commits to re-evaluating these goals and associated planning efforts at least once every two years, as policies, funding opportunities, and economic feasibility of this commitment evolves.

The City will establish and monitor interim targets of the reduction of traffic death and serious injury by 2027 and will establish the Vision Zero Steering Committee, to include a broad and diverse stakeholder community, to coordinate, implement, and evaluate near-term and longer-term actions. The City will also resolve to develop and implement policies and programs that lead to a comprehensive effort to successfully support this initiative. Additionally, the City will develop procedures for implementing Complete Streets, Traffic Calming Measures, and Street Redesign, with an equitable focus on all public rights of way citywide.

The City may request additional funds in subsequent fiscal year budgets and will actively pursue grant opportunities, as well as State and Federal partnerships to be used solely for the purposes of this legislation. These efforts will work in a manner to redress historical inequities related to pedestrian safety and mobility citywide to ensure complete and safe streets for all Savannahians.



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