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February 23, 2023 City Council Regular Meeting
12. Adoption of the Impact Fee Ordinance. (Note: The Resolution to Adopt Capital Improvements Element must occur prior to approving this item).
Strategic Priority
Good Government
This agenda item corresponds to the second Public Hearing associated with the adoption of the impact fee ordinance and is the 2nd Reading of the new regulation.  
In 1990, the Georgia Development Impact Fee Act (DIFA) was enacted into law, and it significantly affected the way local governments in Georgia pay for public services and facilities. Impact fees are one-time fees charged to land developers to help defray the costs of expanding capital facilities to serve new growth. DIFA enables local governments to charge new development for a proportionate share of infrastructure capacity it requires. However, the Act places restrictions on the categories of capital facilities for which new development can be charged. It also establishes rules under which impact fees must be calculated, collected, expended, accounted for, and administered.
As part of the process to create an impact fee program, the CIty completed a Methodology Report last year. The document contains the growth forecasts for the city and identifies capital projects needed to meet the City’s Level of Service standards.  It also presents calculations related to establishing the maximum impact fees that could be charged for the public facility categories which include roads, public safety, and parks and recreation. The forecasts and identified capital improvement projects from this report comprise the Capital Improvements Element (CIE) which must be approved by the Coastal Regional Commission (CRC) and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA).  On January 19, 2023, DCA notified the City that the revised CIE adequately addressed the State’s requirements.
To move forward in the adoption of impact fees, City Council must:
  1. Adopt an impact fee ordinance; 
  2. Amend the Chatham County-Savannah Comprehensive Plan to include the CIE; and
  3. Approve a resolution for affordable housing exemptions. 
A corresponding agenda item includes the 2nd Public Hearing for the new ordinance.  At the City Council meeting on February 7, the first Public Hearing and Reading were held.  The resolutions to adopt the CIE and affordable housing exemption correspond to this agenda item. 
Note, the Methodology Report and Final Maximum Impact Fee Schedule were revised to correct uses listed under Instititonal (Private Elementary School, Private School (K-8), Private School (K-12), and Private High School (K-8).  The proposed three year implementation schedule was also added to the proposed ordinance.


Bridget Lidy, Senior Director, Planning & Urban Design
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: City of Savannah Methodology Report Revised 02172023.pdf
Exhibit 2: City of Savannah Capital Improvements Element Final Document.pdf
Exhibit 3: Compliance with the Development Impact Fee Act (01192023).pdf
Exhibit 4: Proposed Final Version of the Savannah Impact Fee Ordinance and Maximum Fee Schedule as of 02172023.pdf
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