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February 22, 2024, City Council Regular Meeting
33. Authorize the City Manager to Approve the Sale of a Permanent Easement to 63 MLK, LLC for Installation of Seven Substantial Foundation Encroachments on City Right-of-Way at 63 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (PIN 20016 17006).
Strategic Priority

Petitioner John Giordano, on behalf of property owner 63 MLK, LLC, has petitioned the City to encroach on City right-of-way as part of a hotel construction project located at 63 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (PIN 20016 17006). The seven encroachments encumber 629.28 square feet of right-of-way and include foundation walls for installation of a transformer vault, two parking garage exhausts, grease hose access, a laundry ironer exhaust areaway, and two laundry dryer exhaust areaways. Park & Tree, Water and Sewer Planning & Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Stormwater, Development Services, Planning & Urban Design, and Real Estate Services have reviewed and approved the request. 


Given the permanent nature of these encroachments, staff recommends conveyance of a permanent easement to the property owner. An appraisal was performed by a third-party Member, Appraisal Institute (MAI) designated real estate appraiser who determined fair market value of the land rights to be $7,900. 63 MLK, LLC has agreed to the purchase price of $7,900, as well as any associated transaction fees. Additionally requested is approval and autorization for the City Manager to execute easement and any closing documents.



David Keating, Senior Director, Real Estate Administration Department
Financial Impact
Revenue of $7,900 to the General Fund
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Maps - 63 MLK Jr Blvd.pdf
Exhibit 2: Plans and Specs - 63 MLK Jr Blvd.pdf
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