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February 22, 2024, City Council Regular Meeting
32. Authorize the City Manager to Approve the Lease of Space to the General Services Administration on City Telecommunication Tower at 1801 Kerry Street.
Strategic Priority
Public Safety

The General Services Administration (GSA), on behalf of the Federal Protective Service and US Department of Homeland Security, has requested to lease space on the City-owned telecommunications tower at 1801 Kerry Street for the operation of telecommunications equipment for the federal government. The proposed annual rent is $8,943.84 for the first year, with an annual 3% rent escalation per subsequent years. The initial term of the agreement is one (1) year and provides nine (9) one-year extensions. These extensions are subject to yearly federal budget approval.

This request has been reviewed and approved by Real Estate Services, the Office of Assistant City Attorney Shearouse, and the Innovation and Technical Services (ITS) Department. Also request approval and authorization for the City Manager to execute lease and any associated documents.



David Keating, Senior Director, Real Estate Administration Department
Financial Impact
Income of $8,943.84 + 3% annual escalators to the General Fund
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Map - 1801 Kerry Street.pdf
Exhibit 2: GSA Lease.pdf
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