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December 6, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
20. Motion to Approve a Professional Services Agreement with Woolpert, Inc. for Phase 2 of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration
Strategic Priority

The Savannah Airport Commission recommends approval a professional services agreement with Woolpert, Inc. for Phase 2 of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) integration in the amount of $29,525.00.

Phase 1 of this project included integration of UAS technologies and capability at SAV for daytime perimeter surveillance and wildlife management operations. The Airport Commission recommends approval to execute a professional services agreement with Woolpert, Inc. for Phase 2 of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Integration at SAV. Priorities for Phase 2 include increased air traffic control (ATC) coordination and additional flight permissions and updated concept of operations, policy, and governance documentation.

Ultimately full implementation will include additional operations of UAS for situations such as irregular operations, disaster reponse, nighttime surveillance, airfield asset management, airfield safety inspections, construction observation operations, and traffic monitoring. 

To operate UAS safely on surface areas and in the Class C controlled airspace over SAV, Woolpert will be required to coordinate directly with the local FAA SAV ATCT Manager to establish the necessary communication protocols and procedures. Woolpert will work with SAV and FAA SAV ATCT to establish a specific memorandum of agreement between SAV Air Traffic Control Tower and SAV, identifying flight areas, communication protocols, flight preparation, emergency procedures and UAS platform information. The goal of the project is to optimize UAS operations to support the mission areas that are approved by the SAV ATCT Manager.

Woolpert developed an initial concept of operations for the first phase of the project. Woolpert will create and make updates to necessary sections addressing new policy, procedures and authorizations based on the new missions being undertaken. Woolpert will be required to enhance the concept of operations to incorporate the greater challenges of expanding flight operations within proximity to the active runways, integration with existing emergency/disaster response teams, operations at night and beyond visual line of sight. Additional collaboration is expected to be required with local stakeholders, such as various airport departments, code of federal regulations (CFR), Gulfstream, security and police.



Brooks Stillwell, Savannah Airport Commission Attorney
Financial Impact
Savannah Airport Commission Funds in the amount of $29,525.00
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