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December 6, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
42. Motion to Approve Major Subdivision at Whitaker and West 35th Streets
Strategic Priority

Recommend approval of a major subdivision in Estill Ward, located at the intersection of Whitaker Street and West 35th Street. PIN # is 2-0065-07-013. The proposed subdivision totals 0.36 acre, with four lots of 0.09 acres each. Entrance will be from Howard Street.     

This subdivision is located in Aldermanic District 2. Property is zoned TN-2.

The required infrastructure improvements to support this subdivision are existing, and all utilities to each lot have been constructed, including water and sewer services as well as stormwater facilities.

According to FEMA flood map 13051C0161G, this property does not lie in a flood zone. There are no wetlands on the site, and there are no state waters within 200 feet of the property. The water and sewer service for this area is provided and maintained by the City of Savannah.



Greg Harris, City Surveyor
Financial Impact
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Whitaker 35th Subdivision Plat.pdf
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