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December 19, 2023 City Council Regular Meeting
19. Approval to Rewrite the History Book of the Airport with Janice McDonald, in an Amount Not to Exceed $30,000.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Janice McDonald, a seasoned “history of” author, proposes to embark on the task of rewriting the airport's history book, ensuring it is comprehensive and updated. The scope of this project involves rigorous research, potentially including trips to Savannah for archival materials. While the book's previous edition spanned 104 pages, the anticipated length for this revised version is approximately 120-130 pages.


Regarding the payment for the project, Ms. McDonald has outlined a structure wherein an initial 50% is due upfront, followed by a 25% payment upon the completion of the manuscript, and the remaining 25% once the book is finalized and ready for publishing. To ensure that the content aligns seamlessly with the airport's vision and expectations, Ms. McDonald will commence by providing an outline of the chapters for approval at the onset of the project. Throughout the writing process, she will periodically submit chapters for review and necessary edits, ensuring that the content remains consistent with the desired narrative and maintains a high-quality standard. This comprehensive rewrite is poised to encapsulate the airport's illustrious history, significant milestones, and its forward-looking aspirations in a detailed and captivating manner. Ms. McDonald is recommended due to her Images of America: Georgia book series, which is written and edited in the exact manner wanted for the airport history book.



Dawoud Stevenson, Director, Program Management
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $30,000 from the Savannah Airport Commission Funds
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