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December 19, 2023 City Council Regular Meeting
29. Authorize the City Manager to Execute a Reciprocal Easement Agreement with CGI Realty, LLC at 275 Police Memorial Drive.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The City owns a 1.6-acre parcel of vacant and unimproved real property located at 275 Police Memorial Drive (PIN 20834 01020). This parcel is located across from the former Savannah Morning News building off Chatham Parkway and was purchased back in 2013 for development of a future fire station. This City parcel shares a common curb-cut and driveway with the adjacent property at 255 Police Memorial Drive. That property was recently acquired by CGI Realty, LLC (CGI). The City and CGI have negotiated an easement to better govern the joint use of this curb-cut and driveway, and define maintenance and cost-sharing responsibilities. There is no cost associated with this transaction, though the City will have some future maintenance related costs. Also requested is authorization for the City Manager to execute the Reciprocal Easement Agreement and any related closing documents.



David Keating, Senior Director, Real Estate Administration Department
Financial Impact
No cost to the City
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Map - Police Memorial Drive.pdf
Exhibit 2: Reciprocal Easement Agreement - Police Memorial Drive.pdf
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