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August 13, 2020 City Council Meeting
17. Authorize the City Manager to Procure an Electronic Citation System from Tyler Technologies, Inc in the amount of $407,504 (Event No.7985)
Strategic Priority
Public Safety

Recommend approval to procure electronic citation equipment and software from Tyler Technologies, Inc in the amount of $407,504. The Savannah Police Department will use the Brazos electronic citation equipment and software to issue citations. Currently, officers handwrite all citations and court officials manually re-enter the data into the record management systems and court software. This equipment and software will increase efficiency and reduce costs by eliminating manual entry of information.

This procurement was made through a cooperative purchasing agreement with Sourcewell. Cooperative purchasing is authorized as an appropriate procurement method in Division 10 Section 4-4152 of the City of Savannah’s purchasing ordinance.

The contract was competitively bid by Sourcewell and awarded to Tyler Technologies, Inc. The contract expires on December 15, 2020.



Roy Minter, Chief of Police
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $407,504 from the Capital Improvement Fund
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Purchasing Summary - E-Citation System.pdf
Exhibit 2 : Funding Verification - E-Citation System.pdf
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