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April 25, 2019 City Council Regular Meeting
35. Motion to Approve a Leasing Agreement with Georgia Power Lighting Services for 13 License Plate Readers (Event No. 7074)
Strategic Priority
Public Safety

Staff recommends the withdraw of this item

Recommend approval of a leasing with SiteView™, offered by Georgia Power Lighting Services for 13 license plate readers in the amount of $91,368.18.  This lease will be used by the Savannah Police Department to improve its intelligence gathering and tracking of criminal offenders, fixed license plate readers are important for that to be successful.  Currently, the Savannah Police Department has a limited amount of mobile license plate reader cameras affixed to police patrol units.

These cameras use leading edge, High Definition camera technology to provide exterior surveillance for commercial, industrial, and governmental customers.  Visible surveillance equipment can deter criminal activity and provide safety and security for people, vehicles, and property.  Further, these cameras will enhance the efforts of scanning vehicle license plates and providing alerts on lost and/or stolen vehicles with the ability to locate and track the wanted, missing, and endangered.



Staff recommends the withdraw of this item.

Chief Roy Minter, Savannah Police Department
Financial Impact
$91,368.18 expenditure from the Grant Fund
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: LPRs Purchasing Summary
Exhibit 2: LPRs Funding Verification
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