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April 25, 2019 City Council Regular Meeting
15. Motion to Approve the Naming of a Pocket Park Located in the Paradise Park Neighborhood at 9 Sheridan Circle to "Sunrise Park." (Petitioner: Alan Boulton, Paradise Park Oakhurst Neighborhood Association)
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The petitioner, Mr. Alan Boulton president of the Paradise Park Oakhurst Neighborhood Association, is requesting approval to name an unnamed park located at 9 Sheridan Circle to "Sunrise Park".

The parcel originally held a single-family residence within the Paradise Park neighborhood but was subject to frequent flooding. It was eventually purchased by the City of Savannah for $105,000 in April of 2005, with FEMA funds ($26,250 from the City).  The neighborhood petitioned the City on January 15, 2019 to turn it into a pocket park to provide a recreational area for the neighborhood and this lot in particular provides a beautiful vista of the Vernon River marsh.  The neighborhood association held several meetings to discuss potential names for the park and "Sunrise Park" was the favorite.

Greenscapes maintains this property under its ‘Right of Way Maintenance’ program. If the petition is approved, maintenance will remain under Greenscapes, however it will be moved under the ‘Park Maintenance’ program. The primary difference between the two programs is the frequency of maintenance. The ‘Park Maintenance’ Program operates on a 2 week maintenance rotation, while ‘Right of Way Maintenance’ Program operates on a 3-4 week rotation.

The requirements of Article E. Section 4:1100-1108 have been met.



Joe Shearouse, Jr., Management Coordinator
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $500 from District 4 SPLOST funds
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Staff Memo - Sunrise Park.pdf
Exhibit 2: MPC Certificate of Appropriateness - Sunrise Park.pdf
Exhibit 3: Map - Sunrise Park.pdf
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