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April 22, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
18. Approval of the Naming of the Dorothy W. Law Pavilion located at 2828 Pate Street in Sarah Wade Playground within the Ogeecheeton Neighborhood (Item Postponed to May 13, 2021 City Council Meeting)
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The attached petition requests that the unnamed pavilion located at 2828 Pate Street within the Ogeecheeton Neighborhood be named "Dorothy W. Law Pavilion".

The property is located within the Sarah Wade Playground which contains a basketball court, benches, playground equipment, and a pavilion with tables. 

Ms. Law demonstrated tremendous support for the Ogeecheeton neighborhood. She advocated for the playground, basketball court, expansion of summer lunch program, and use her tenacity to get more for the children of the Ogeecheeton community.

This petition is pending review by the MPC Historic Sites and Monuments Commission and has otherwise met all the requirements and is in accordance with of the City's Public Property Naming Ordinance Section 4-1102 - 'Naming new facilities or public property'.



This item is postponed until May 13, 2021.

Joe Shearouse Jr., Assistant to the City Manager
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041521 Dorothy W. Law Pavilion MEMO.pdf
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