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April 22, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
19. Petition to Amend the Zoning Map for 11901 Middleground Road (PIN 20782 02006) from RSF-20 (Single Family Residential-20) to B-N (Neighborhood Business). Karan Patel (Agent) on Behalf of Martin George Grotheer, Jr. (Property Owner). Aldermanic District 6 (File No. 21-000890-ZA).
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Karan Patel (Agent) on behalf Martin George Grotheer, Jr. (Property Owner) is requesting a rezoning map amendment for the property located at 11901 Middleground Road from the current RSF-20 (Residential Single Family) zoning classification to the B-N (Neighborhood Business) zoning classification.

The intent of the B-N zoning district is “to provide for limited commercial opportunities in a walkable environment and to reduce or prevent impacts on adjacent or nearby residential uses. Uses in this district are intended to be located primarily on collector or arterial streets within convenient traveling distance from neighborhoods which they will serve.”

The subject property is located on the southwest corner of Middleground Road and Dutchtown Road in the Wilshire Estates neighborhood. The parcel includes a residential structure with frontage on Middleground Road, a road classified as a minor arterial, and frontage on Dutchtown Road, a road classified as a collector.

The widening of Middleground Road decades ago created conditions making the road more suitable for commercial and institutional uses rather than residential uses. The subject property is the only single-family residence on the portion of Middleground Road between Dutchtown Road and Abercorn Street.



On March 16, 2021, the Planning Commission approved the recommendation to amend the zoning map for 11901 Middleground Road (PIN 20782 02006) from RSF-20 (Single Family Residential-20) to B-N (Neighborhood Business).


Bridget Lidy, Director, Planning and Urban Design
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Exhibit 1: MPC Recommendation Packet - 11901 Middleground Road
Exhibit 2: Draft Ordinance for 11901 Middleground Road
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