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April 11, 2024, City Council Regular Meeting
28. Approval to Renew the 2024-2025 Annual Maintenance Agreement with KONE, Inc., in the Amount of $164,482.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

KONE, Inc. will provide the Annual Maintenance and Service on 32 units consisting of 16 elevators and 16 escalators for the Savannah Airport Commission (SAC). In May 2006, the Savannah Airport Commission executed the original maintenance/service agreement with KONE for the maintenance of the Airport’s escalators and elevators. The agreement was amended and executed in 2009, which provided for an annual increase not to exceed five (5%) percent. Kone proposes a (3%) percent increase for 2024-2025, which will bring the cost to $13,706.83 per month or $164,482 for the annual period. The maintenance agreement is a 2024 budget item.



Dawoud Stevenson, Director, Program Management
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $164,482 from the Savannah Airport Commission Fund
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