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April 11, 2024, City Council Regular Meeting
15. Authorize the City Manager to Execute a Contract for Ammunition with Gulf State Distributors in the Amount of $74,783. The ammunition will be utilized for the training of new hires, current officers, and specialized units. (SPD)
Strategic Priority
Public Safety

This contract is for the procurement of ammunition from Gulf State Distributors in the amount of $74,783. The Savannah Police Department requires ammunition to facilitate its firearms training for new hires, in-service training for current officers (annual qualifications, low-light qualifications, pistol optic transitions, and patrol rifle qualifications), and training for its specialized units, including SWAT. The ammunition will be a one-time expense and will cover the Department's ammunition needs for this entire year.


Per section 2-4154 of the City’s Purchasing Ordinance, the City may purchase goods or services through the use of a state contract. The contract used for this procurement is a State of Georgia Ammunitions Contract 99999-001-SPD0000209-0003. It was competitively bid by the State of Georgia and expires on January 7, 2026. Delivery: As requested. Terms: Net 30 days.


The vendor is:

S.C. Gulf State Distributors (Montgomery, AL)(D)     $74,783


A pre-proposal meeting was not conducted as these goods/services are being procured through a state contract. (D) Indicates non-local, non-DBE business.

Local vendor: No

Total sent: 1

Total received: 1



Lenny Gunther, Chief, Savannah Police Department
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $74,783 from the General Fund
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Funding Verification - Ammunition.pdf
Exhibit 2: Purchasing Notes - Ammunition.pdf
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