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April 08, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
31. Approval to Authorize the Acceptance of a Donation of Real Property Located on Pritchard Street (PIN 20030 04005) – Petition #21-059
Strategic Priority
Neighborhood Revitalization

Petitioner, Mr. James Graham, wishes to donate a parcel of land his family owns on Pritchard Street (PIN 20030 04005) in the historic Brickyard neighborhood. The parcel is unimproved and measures approximately 30’ wide by 65’ deep, for a total of 1,950 square feet. According to Chatham County Tax Records, assessed value for the year 2020 is $5,000.00. Mr. Graham’s property is adjacent to several parcels currently owned by the City.

The petition has been reviewed and approved by Public Works and Water Resources (PWWR), Development Services, Planning and Urban Design and Real Estate Services. Feedback from PWWR states that if additional sewer service is needed for the Arena area, this parcel could serve as additional land for any necessary upgrades to nearby Lift Station 137.

If approved, acceptance of this donation is conditional upon Phase I Environmental Testing and a verification that all property taxes on the parcel are up-to-date. Further request to authorize the City Manager to execute associated closing documents.

Recommend approval.



David Keating, Senior Director of Real Estate Administration
Financial Impact
Approximately $2,250 for cost of Environmental Testing and Legal Fees
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Pritchard Street Lot Donation - Map.pdf
Exhibit 1: Pritchard Street Lot Donation - Petition Application.pdf
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