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September 26, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
14. Motion to Authorize the City Manager to Quitclaim a Portion of Right of Way Known as Laurel Street, Alton Street and Zubly Street
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The Petitioner, Harold Yellin, as agent for Ann Street Property Owner, LLC (f/k/a Flank, Inc.), owner of the Property at 110 Ann Street (P.I.N. 20016 21001), has requested the City declare surplus and sell a portion of three corners located in right of way (R/W) at the NE, SE, and SW corners of the Property. These corners were originally rounded off to accommodate the turning radius of busses when the former Greyhound Bus Station was in operation.   The bus station has since relocated and these rounded corners are no longer needed.   The rounded corners are inconsistent with typical platted blocks downtown, and the squaring off of building/lot corners will eliminate this irregularity. 

O.C.G.A. 36-37-6 provides authority for the City to declare as surplus certain rights of way that are no longer needed for public road purposes, and to sell this land to adjoining property owners. In addition, Section 6-105 of the Charter Provision of the Code of City Ordinances states sales of surplus R/W may be sold for such compensation as the Mayor and Aldermen deem reasonable and just.

The petitioned R/W totals 218 square feet. The NE corner is 164 square feet, the SE corner is 48 square feet, and the SW corner is 6 square feet. The market value of the land, based on the sale of the parent tract and nearby parcels, is estimated at in excess of $100 per square foot.   However, a discount was applied because the petitioner is squaring off the building corners to be consistent with downtown elements and for time elapsed since the petition was submitted.   Therefore, a unit value of $70 per square foot was applied, equating to an estimated value of $15,500 (rounded).

Real Estate Services recommends the R/W be declared surplus, and sold to Petitioner, and further requests authorization for the City Manager to execute a Quit Claim Deed and any associated closing documents.



David Keating, Real Estate Services
Financial Impact
Revenue of $15,500
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Map - Ann Street ROW Corners.pdf
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