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October 26, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Debris Monitoring and Oversight Services with Witt O'Brien's, LLC (Event No. 3923)

Recommend approval to renew an annual contract for debris monitoring and oversight services with Witt O'Brien’s.

These services are used in preparation for and in response to a declared emergency activation. Total costs of services will vary due to the nature and severity of disaster events. The recommended proposer’s average hourly rate for these services is $46.13 per hour. This is based on the average hourly rates for the following positions: Project manager, operations manager, GIS analyst, field supervisor, debris site/tower monitor, billing/invoice analyst, project assistant, and field/crew coordinator.

No numerical MWBE goals were established for this project, but proposers were encouraged to achieve the highest possible MWBE participation and were allotted a maximum of 10 points in the evaluation criteria if the firm submitted the participation of a combination of prime and sub-contractors. The recommended proposer submitted 5% WBE participation using Symbioscity.

This is the first of three available renewal options. The contract term will be from October 26, 2017 through October 25, 2018. 



Gene Prevatt, Sanitation Department
Financial Impact
Total costs will vary due to the nature and severity of disaster events.
Review Comments
Debris Monitoring Funding Verification.pdf
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