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October 11, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
5. Motion to Consider Alcohol License for Jacqueline Somesso of Liquid Cafe
Strategic Priority
Good Government

This alcohol license request is continued from the Meeting of September 27, 2018. 

Jacqueline Somesso for Infiniti Z Productions, LLC t/a Liquid Café, is requesting a liquor, beer and wine (by the drink) license with Sunday sales at 10201 Abercorn Street, which is located between Tibet Avenue and Television Circle in Aldermanic District 5. The applicant plans to operate as a restaurant. 

The City Attorney has provided notice to the applicant to show cause why the license should be issued. Serious concerns have been raised by staff, including Savannah Police, due to the experience of the City with alcohol licenses previously issued to the applicant, the manner in which she conducted previous business activities without regard to considerations of public and fire safety, and previous licensing denials. 

The location meets all zoning requirements, however, business location approval must be obtained prior to the issuance of the Alcoholic Beverage License. Code Compliance had noted unresolved property code violations on the property; a re-inspection on September 28 determined the property has been brought into compliance. 

Judee Jones, Revenue Administrator
Financial Impact
$2,436.48 in alcohol license fee revenue
Review Comments
Density Report- Liquid Cafe20180919_18035649.pdf
Measurement Report- Liquid Cafe20180919_18032786.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Liquid Cafe20180921_16235285.pdf
Liquid Cafe Applicant Background Memo.pdf
Code Compliance Report - Liquid Cafe20181002_17384510.pdf
City's R to ORA & Show Cause Hearing Notice - Liquid Cafe.pdf
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