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November 5, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
13. Public Hearing to Receive Comments on the Issuance of General Obligation Bonds for Downtown Streetscape Improvements
Strategic Priority

The City's adopted Capital Improvement Plan requires $2 million in capital be provided through the issuance of general obligation bonds to design and construct streetscape improvements to the downtown corridors of Broughton Street, Bay Street and River Street. These improvements will include new sidewalks, lighting, signage and other amenities that will enhance the aesthetics, functionality and safety of these corridors. The issuance of these bonds in the amount of $2 million is the final piece of a larger plan to finance the $14 million total needed for the project. 

No assistance from the Downtown Savannah Authority will be required to issue the general obligation bonds, as the City is allowed under State law to issue $2 million in general obligation bonds annually for street improvements. 

This constitutes a required public hearing for the purpose of considering the issuance of the bonds. 


No action required at this time.

David Maxwell, CFO
Financial Impact
$2 million bond issuance.
Review Comments
Memo to CM RE 2018 GO Bond Issue.pdf
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