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November 23, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
22. Authorize the City Manager to Execute a Contract for 115 Motorola Handheld Radios for the Enmarket Arena with Mobile Communications America in the amount of $69,015. The devices will be used for staff communication in the facility. (Expenditure included in Project Budget)
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Recommend approval to procure Motorola radios for the Enmarket Arena from Mobile Communications America in the amount of $69,015.

The handheld Motorola radios will be used for communications in the Enmarket Arena during day-to-day operations and events being held at this location. It is necessary for the employees to be able to contact one another in the most quick and efficient manner. This will reduce risk and promote productivity. The purchase includes 115 radios and accessories for the arena.

This procurement will be made through a cooperative purchasing agreement with NASPO contract number 06913 for Public Safety Communication Equipment along with the State of Georgia Participating Addendum number 99999-SPD-120180606-001. Cooperative purchasing is authorized as an appropriate procurement method in Division 10 Section 4-4152 of the City of Savannah’s purchasing ordinance.

The contract was competitively bid and awarded to Motorola Solutions. A master agreement was signed for a six-year term. The contract expires on December 31, 2021.

Delivery: As requested.  Terms:  Net 30 days.  The vendor is:

C.C.  Mobile Communications America  (11 Minus Avenue, Garden City, GA 31408)(D)           $69,015

A pre-proposal meeting was not conducted as these services are being procured through the use of a cooperative purchasing agreement. (D) Indicates non-local, non-DBE business. Recommend approval.




David Keating, Senior Director of Real Estate Services
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $69,015 from the Capital Projects Fund
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