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May 24, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
34. Motion to Approve Major Subdivision of The Palms Phase 1A
Strategic Priority

This project is in the R-6 Tract of the New Hampstead Planned Unit Development in the City of Savannah. Tract R-6 is set up in the PUD for a total of 630 residential units.

The project was reviewed and approved for construction by the City in May 2008. With the recession that followed, construction was delayed. The developer has now proceeded with a 70-lot portion of the previously approved subdivision. Engineering plans were re-submitted and approved and construction is essentially complete. Project close-out is underway, but the developer has decided to submit a 100% bond to allow the plat to be approved and recorded.

This revised project is for development of 70 single-family detached residential lots along with associated infrastructure, rights of way, utilities and services. The overall acreage of the project site is 32 acres, and the disturbed area for the proposed site is 28.8 acres. The site is bordered by Highgate Boulevard, wetlands, and future development areas. Access to the site is
provided from Highgate Boulevard.

The roadways and drainage system for the project will be public and owned and maintained by the City of Savannah. Detention ponds have been provided on the site as required by the City of Savannah for storm water detention and water quality measures. The water and sewer mains for the project will be owned and maintained by the City of Savannah. Water service to the subdivision has been provided by an existing stub-out to the property on Highgate Boulevard. An extension of existing gravity sewer mains provides sewer service for a portion of the project and a new lift station and sanitary force main have been installed to serve the remainder of the project.



Greg Harris, City Surveyor
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