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May 12, 2022 City Council Regular Meeting
30. Approval of Amendment No. 1 to Task Order No. 3 with Pond & Company in the Amount of $251,780 for Additional Design Services for the Air Cargo Facility.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Fed Ex has requested that their new facility meet a sustainability design standard through LEED certification. This certification will be consistent with the LEED v4 BD+C: Warehouse and Distribution Centers standards, requiring additional studies and incorporation of certain building energy efficiency measures to attain that goal. Pond will include a sub-consultant who will assist with this aspect of the design process. FedEx will bear the costs for this work. 



Mr. Dawoud Stevenson, Director of Program Management / IT
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $251,780 from Savannah Airport Commission Funds
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Pond Amendment No.1 to Task Order No. 3 LEED.pdf
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