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May 12, 2022 City Council Regular Meeting
29. Approval to Execute a Five (5) Year Software License and Support Agreement with ProDIGIQ, Inc. in the Amount of $241,000.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

This software will be used by Properties as a Lease Management system; able to track information, prompt important date reminders, and generate lease reports. This system fully integrates with Engineering’s GIS interactive property map and will fulfill Accounting’s GASB87 reporting requirements that begin next year. SAC has approximately 600 agreements and has outgrown the basic Microsoft Access database currently used. SAC issued a Request for Proposal seeking qualified firms to provide a Lease Management Software solution to assist the Properties Department in managing the airport’s leases and property. The deadline for submissions was March 4, 2022. SAC received seven (7) proposals. A committee was created to review all proposals and software demos. Proposals were scored based on each software’s customization options, lease management functionality, ease of use, data security, and technical support, among other things. The cost of the software and the subscription fee was not part of the evaluation or the scoring of the product; therefore, the price was not a primary factor in the committee’s decision. ProDIGIQ was determined to meet all the requirements listed in the RFP and have the cleanest user interface, more customization options, and superior lease management features when compared to the other proposals, in addition to fulfilling both “preferred” RFP options and being built exclusively for the aviation industry. ProDIGIQ was also the only certified DBE respondent, being woman owned. The review committee believes the additional features are worth the higher up-front cost of ProDIGIQ, with value increasing over time. The Committee unanimously chose ProDIGIQ based on the scope of work described in the RFP. The compensation of $241,000 will be broken out and paid to ProDIGIQ as follows:

Upfront Fixed Investment: $86,000 (Includes Hardware, Software, Implementation, and Training)

Years 1-5:                              $31,000 per year


The following proposals were received for a five (5) year term:


Debtbook                    $295,000         ($20,000 upfront, $55,000 per year)

Vertosoft                     $219,055         ($11,000 upfront, $41,611 per year)

LeaseQuery                $196,250         ($15,500 upfront, $36,150 per year)

Civix                            $166,535         ($50,000 upfront, $23,307 per year)

Crowe                         $124,650         ($49,900 upfront, $14,950 per year)

                                                              Aerosimple                 $90,000            ($18,000 per year)


Recommend Approval

Mr. Dawoud Stevenson, Director of Program Management / IT
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $241,000 from Savannah Airport Commission Funds
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: ProDIGIQ Commission Slide.pptx
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