May 11, 2017, City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Award Procurerment of Parking Meters & Software from Parkeon (Event No. 5166)

Recommend approval to award a contract for new and upgraded parking meters and accompanying software from Parkeon in the amount of $2,350,250.00.

This purchase is for 250 new meters to replace single-head meters, upgrades to 70 meters already in service throughout the City, and the software used in conjunction with these meters. This procurement is a recommendation of the Parking Matters Study, which outlines system wide changes to the City's parking program. 

The multi-space meters will bring uniformity to the on-street parking program and will allow parkers the capability to use coins, bills, credit cards, smart cards and the mobile parking app as methods of payment. This is a sole source because Parkeon is the only provider of the meters and software that are currently used throughout the City.

There was no MWBE goal as this was a sole source procurement.



Sean Brandon, Director - Mobility & Parking Services
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