May 11, 2017, City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Award Annual Contract to Resource Management Associates for Promotional and Assessment Services (Event No. 4967)

Recommend approval to award an annual contract for promotional and assessment services to Resource Management Associates in the amount of $62,536.00.

The Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department (SCMPD) uses assessment services to identify and promote future leaders within the organization. This is a common practice in police departments across the county. To continue the positive culture change within the SCMPD, assessment testing and leadership education and training help to identify desired leadership styles and to select future first-line supervisors. The promotional testing enhances the abilities of the executive command staff to identify those best to lead.

The assessments measure whether the candidates have the skills necessary to perform jobs through a series of real-world simulation exercises. This method is a fair and objective way of evaluating candidates for promotions or assignments. Promotional assessments provide candidates with feedback on their strengths and weaknesses which helps them hone their skills and prepares them for future advancement. Additionally, assessment and promotional testing strengthens the department by identifying qualified future leaders to better serve the citizens.

This contract will be from May 11, 2017 through May 10, 2018.



Chief Joseph H. Lumpkin, Sr.
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