May 11, 2017, City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Abandon and Release a Prescriptive Utility Easement at 641 and 647 West River Street (Petition 170088)

Phillip McCorkle, Attorney for McCorkle & Johnson, LLP, representing the property owner of 641 and 647 West River Street (Petitioner), is requesting that the City formally abandon, release, and quit claim an old 60-inch stormwater line and associated prescriptive easement. The line has been abandoned and is no longer used by the City. The line traverses 641 West River Street (PIN: 2-0003-03-001) and 647 West River Street (2-0003-03-002).

The property owner is in the process of acquiring a land disturbance activity permit for the construction of a parking lot. The City has declined to issue the permit until such time as the applicant has obtained a quit claim of the easement from the City of Savannah. The 60-inch storm line has been bypassed and abandoned.

This petition has been reviewed by Development Services, the Bureau of Public Works and Water Resources, and Real Property Services. The following condition is noted:

  1. The 60-inch diameter storm line has not been filled. Any efforts necessary to secure or remove said line shall be the responsibility of the owner, and the owner shall indemnify and hold harmless the City from any damages to persons or property resulting from the presence or removal of the line.

Request a prescriptive utility easement associated with the abandoned 60-inch stormwater line be released and conveyed via Quit Claim deed to the property owner.  Also, authorization for the City Manager to execute related deeds and closing documents.



David Keating, Director of Real Property Services
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