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March 29, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
19. Motion to Award Design Services Contract for Sanitation Facilities to Cogdell Mendrala (Event No. 5802)
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Recommend approval to procure design services for the Dean Forest Road Landfill facilities from Cogdell Mendrala Architects, P.C. in the amount of $854,397.80. These services will be used to provide design services for new Sanitation facilities at the Dean Forest Road Landfill.

As part of the process to centralize facilities across the organization and relocate from City Lot at Stiles and Gwinnett to make way for the new arena development, the Sanitation Department is consolidating most of its operations in a campus to be located at 1325 Dean Forest Road. The buildings and facilities to be located on this campus are:

  • A one-story administration building (8,000-10,000 SF) to house the Residential Refuse Collection, Commercial Refuse Hauling, Recycling, and Litter units. It will have offices, reception area, conference room, break room, training room (for 60 people), and kitchen.
  • A one story operation building (4,000-4,500 SF) to be used by field personnel across Sanitation. The facility will have an office area, lockers, showers, etc.
  • Other buildings and facilities to be housed in this location are: recycling center; fueling station; truck wash with up to four truck bays; fleet services building; repair shop and paint booth; 2-acre storage yard for roll-off containers, dumpsters and trailers; parking lot for up to 100 trucks; and employee parking.

Most of these departments and facilities are presently located at City Lot and Interchange Court, and they need to be relocated to align with the City's long-term facility objectives.



Gene Prevatt, Sanitation Director
Financial Impact
$854,397.80 expenditure from the Capital Improvements Fund
Review Comments
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