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March 1, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
22. Motion to Amend Sec. 6-1523 of the Tour Service for Hire Ordinance to Allow Third-Party Advertising on the Rear of Tour Service Vehicles
Strategic Priority
Economic Strength And Poverty Reduction

The City of Savannah received a request to review the current restrictions on the exterior appearance of tour service vehicles outlined in Section 6-1523 of the Tour Service for Hire Ordinance. Staff identified other communities with tour service vehicles which permit third-party advertising, discussed options with local tour companies and worked with the Tourism Advisory Committee [TAC] to craft the following recommended revisions:

  • Allow third-party adverting on the rear surface of tour service vehicles provided it does not block the bumper or impede the visibility of any safety equipment or vehicle number;
  • Prohibit any advertising from emitting light or noise; and
  • Permit images depicting local tour attractions on the sides of trolley vehicles.

As part of these revisions, staff will review tour service vehicle and trolley markings during the vehicle inspection process for compliance with this section of the ordinance on an annual basis.

The recommendation was reviewed by TAC, which recommends approval. First Reading of this proposed amendment was heard by City Council during the meeting of February 14, 2018.



Bridget Lidy, Planning and Urban Design
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