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June 7, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
19. Moton to Approve Professional Services Contract for Customer Service Survey with Unison Consulting.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The Savannah Airport Commission recommends approval of a contract with Unison Consulting to conduct a customer service survey in the amount of $72,052.00.

Unison Consulting will conduct a 12-month customer service survey to provide the Commission with a better understanding of the perceived quality of the passenger experience at SAV and to discern if the level of service meets passenger expectations. The annual contract will consist of four survey cycles and includes field work. The deliverables will set the benchmark for customer service and provide the Commission with a set of goals to systematically improve the level of customer service at SAV.



Brooks Stillwell, City Attorney
Financial Impact
Savannah Airport Commission Funds in the amount of $72,052.00
Review Comments
RFP-for-Customer-Experience-Survey-Revised (1).pdf
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