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June 7, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
7. Motion to Approve the Emergency and Disaster Management Ordinance
Strategic Priority
Public Safety

This ordinance repeals and replaces Part 3 - Public Safety, Chapters 3 "Emergency and Rescue" and 4 "Protective Ordinances" in their entirety and will add a new Chapter 3, "Emergency and Disaster Management."

The proposed ordinance updates City Code to include:

  • the definition and declaration process of a State of Emergency
  • the emergency management powers and duties of the Mayor
  • the emergency management powers and duties of the City Manager
  • Emergency Orders
  • activation of emergency plans
  • the authority to waive procedures and fees
  • the duties and responsibilities of the emergency management coordinator
  • the powers of the building official and code enforcement
  • registration of building and repair services
  • the closing/restricting of areas and curfews implementation
  • prohibitions on price gouging
  • debris clearance from private streets, roads and other private property

The purpose of revising the ordinance is to bring the City's policies in line with current federal, state and other guidance, and is based on the City's recent experiences with several tropical storms and severe weather events.




David Donnelly, Emergency Management Director
Financial Impact
Review Comments
EM Ordinance July 2017 FINAL DRAFT PROPOSED.pdf
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