June 22, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting (Amended June 20, 2017)
Motion to Award Contract for City Hall Interior Assessment to Lominack Kolman Smith (Event No. 4980)

Recommend approval to award contract for assessment and planning services to Lominack Kolman Smith in the amount of $33,600.00.

Savannah's City Hall building is one of the most recognizable and historically significant buildings in Savannah, prominently located in the heart of the National Historic Landmark District.  While the City has undertaken periodic restoration/preservation projects on the exterior, the interior has not received any major restoration or preservation work in the public spaces (entrance lobby, rotunda, central staircase, Council Chamber, and Mayor & Aldermen's conference room) since its opening over 110 years ago in 1906.

In order to ensure continued use of the building for future generations of citizens and prolong the life of significant historical features (including mosaics, marble, woodwork, plasterwork, brass lighting and hardware, and parquetry floors), an interior conditions assessment is needed to prepare a restoration plan and develop a maintenance schedule. 

The interior restoration plan will identify and prioritize recommendations for immediate, short-, and long-term restoration activities, and provide cost estimates.  The maintenance schedule will provide the City with routine and cyclical tasks that should be performed to extend the life of significant historical components, as well as identify appropriate and inappropriate cleaning agents for use on historic materials and surfaces.  All plans will conform to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

Funding is being contributed by the City of Savannah ($21,100.00), the Historic Savannah Foundation ($2,500.00), and the National Trust for Historic Preservation through a Cynthia Woods Mitchell Grant ($10,000.00).



Luciana Spracher, Library & Archives Director
Financial Impact
$33,600.00. ($21,100.00 from City of Savannah)
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