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January 4, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
Notification of Emergency Procurement of Network Equipment and Installation Services from Layer 3 (Event No. 5766)

Notification of the emergency procurement of network equipment and installation services from Layer 3 in the amount of $30,462.81. The equipment and services are being used by the Information Technology Department to outfit the new Downtown Precinct located at 602 E. Lathrop Avenue.

This is an emergency purchase because the equipment must be ordered and installed to ensure that the new precinct can be opened to police and the public once the Savannah Police Department is operational. Due to the immediate need to order and install the equipment in advance of the February 1, 2018 separation of SCMPD, the City’s current network equipment contractor, Layer 3, was selected to perform the work because it was able to respond immediately.



Cam Mathis, Information Technology
Financial Impact
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Network Equipment Funding Verification.pdf
Network Equipment Purchasing Summary.pdf
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