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January 4, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Procure Information Technology Assessment Services from Elert and Associates (Event No. 5187)

Recommend approval to procure a contract for assessment services from Elert and Associates in the amount of $62,800.00. These services will be used to appraise existing information technology services. The information technology assessment will be used in conjunction with the City-wide strategic plan to develop an information technology strategic plan that will support City initiates and goals. The services will include an assessment of existing information technology services, including a review of current infrastructure, staffing, and an evaluation of current use of technology to identify any gaps in services. Recommendations and action steps to move toward improvements and efficiencies will also be provided.   



Cam Mathis, Information Technology
Financial Impact
Review Comments
IT Assessment Funding Verification.pdf
IT Assessment Scope.pdf
IT Assessment Purchasing Summary.pdf
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