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January 14, 2021 City Council Meeting
44. Approval of a Special Use Permit to Allow Alcohol Sales by the Drink in Association with a Restaurant for the Property Located at 122 E. 37th Street (PIN 20065 14007). Petition of J. Patrick Connell (Agent) on Behalf of FARM Savannah Properties LLC (Owner), District 2 (File No. 20-005549-ZA)
Strategic Priority
Good Government

A petition for a Special Use Permit was submitted by J. Patrick Connell (Agent) on behalf of FARM Savannah Properties LLC (Owner) to establish a restaurant with alcohol sales at 122 E. 37th Street (PIN 20065 14007). The subject property is within the TC-I zoning district . The parcel includes a 3,800 square foot building constructed in 1890 as a residence. It has operated previously as a gallery and antique store and was recently renovated to accommodate a restaurant use. 

Based on the City of Savannah Zoning Ordinance (Section 8.7.24), the proposed use requires special use permit which includes consideration by the Planning Commission and Mayor and Aldermen.

If approval is granted, a special use permit will be issued by the City of Savannah.  An alcoholic beverage license will also have to be vetted by the Revenue Department and formally considered by Mayor and Aldermen.   

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On December 15, 2020, the Planning Commission recommended approval of the petition from J. Patrick Connell (Agent) on behalf of FARM Savannah Properties LLC (Owner) for a special use permit to allow alcohol sales by the drink in association with a restaurant at 122 E. 37th Street (PIN 20065 14007).

Bridget Lidy, Planning and Urban Design Director
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Exhibit 1: MPC Recommendation Packet (File No. 20-005549-ZA)
Exhibit 2: Map for 122 E. 37th Street
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