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February 28, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
24. Motion to Approve Modifications to the Pedicab Ordinance (Article DD - Pedicabs)
Strategic Priority
Good Government

This item is being withdrawn by staff.

The former Tourism & Ambassadorship Department drafted revisions to the Pedicab Ordinance with extensive input from established pedicab companies and the Tourism Advisory Committee (TAC). The Office of Special Events, Film & Tourism (OSEFT) acquired the responsibility of overseeing the revisions to the ordinance in early March 2018. Staff conducted stakeholder review, presented the revisions to the TAC for additional readings, and revised the ordinance to reflect the new organization of City departments.

Overview of Key Changes

The following list provides an overview of the revisions to Article DD: Pedicabs. A full list of the changes can be found on the attached documents.  A redline comparison of the current ordinance to the proposed revisions is included in the Pedicab Changes Matrix.

  • 6-2502 - Clarifies pedicab definition; pedicab license changed to pedicab permit; Tour Service Coordinator replaced with Code Compliance Director and Mobility & Parking Services Director
  • 6-2503 - Ability to register as a tour service provider under Article R
  • 6-2504 - Revenue Department license changed to Business Tax Certificate
  • 6-2506, 07 & 09 - Clarifies indemnity and insurance requirements
  • 6-2511 - Eliminates requirement to submit application under oath
  • 6-2512 - Eliminates physician’s certificate requirement
  • 6-2513 - Pedicab driver minimum age increased to 18; applicants cannot be convicted of felony crimes committed against persons
  • 6-2514 - Increases permit fees; requires payment of outstanding citations
  • 6-2515 - Expands motor vehicle record requirement
  • 6-2520 - Expands reasons for permit suspension; procedures for permanent revocation
  • 6-2522 - Citations for operating after suspension or revocation
  • 6-2523 - Appeals made to the Recorder’s Court within ten days of suspension or revocation
  • 6-2524 - Permits third party advertising
  • 6-2529 - Decals issued after annual inspection; requires payment of all outstanding citations
  • 6-2530 - Code Compliance given authority to remove pedicabs from the street
  • 6-2531 - Eliminates published literature requirements
  • 6-2533 - Establishes a list of designated staging spots
  • 6-2534 - Seating capacity determined by the manufacturer; children under the age of 3 not considered passengers; all passengers seated securely
  • 6-2536 - Eliminates prohibition of solicitation at hotels
  • 6-2538 - Expands requirements for the disposition of abandoned property
  • 6-2539 - Requires slow moving vehicle triangles on pedicabs
  • 6-2540 - Expansion of boundaries: North, South, East, West boundaries; permitted exceptions; permanent prohibitions; permitted only to cross; time restrictions; bike lane usage; Forsyth Park Band Shell lot
  • 6-2541 - Required to travel one behind the other
  • 6-2543 - Code of Conduct: violence, animals, audible music, remaining awake
  • 6-2544 - Restrictions on special events
  • 6-2545 - Staging requirements for stationary pedicabs
  • 6-2546 - No driving on the sidewalk
  • 6-2547 - No interference with traffic control devises or barricades
  • 6-2548 - Citations for violations through Code Compliance
  • 6-2549 - Late fees procedure
  • 6-2550 - Citation delivery procedure,by way of this memorandum, staff is requesting to have these changes appear on October 25, 2018 City Council agenda.


Susan W. Broker, Director of Special Events, Film & Tourism
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Memorandum to the City Manager - Article DD (Pedicab).pdf
Exhibit 2: Redline Change Matrix - Article DD (Pedicab).pdf
Exhibit 3: Revised Ordinance - Article DD (Pedicab).pdf
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